Andrea Jenkins is a nutritional therapist, trained in the UK at the internationally recognized Patrick Holford Institute of Optimum Nutrition.  She is a recognized member of SAANT.

Andrea Jenkins


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A nutritional therapist does not claim to be a medical doctor.  He/she is working specifically with diet and its relationship with health.  Andrea encourages a clients communication with their doctor and is always happy to liason directly if the client so wishes.  It is important to see your practitioner regularly to track changes that occur and to maintain motivation.

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Consulting Rates (cash only)
Initial consultation : R450 (1 and ¼ hour)

Follow up consultations :

R250  (½ - ¾ hour)

Andrea Jenkins can be contacted on  :

084 336 6383

Background :

After completion of a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Andrea left for London and became actively involved with the health industry.  Whilst studying her 3 year diploma in Nutrition, she assisted in the development and running of Wholefood stores in central London.  Her consulting practice began in London and extended to Thailand where she consulted, wrote and researched further.

Since back in South Africa, Andrea has been managing the highly successful Organic Living health and lifestyle centre, Constantia Village. She currently practices from Wynberg (Chelsea Village), Canal Walk and Gardens (Zetlers pharmacy - Garden centre).

Nutrition View :

Her comprehensive training in the work of Patrick Holford covered all aspects of nutrition and health issues.  She has followed her own direction since her training to incorporate aspects of Blood type diets, Macrobiotics and naturopathy.  Her particular interest and passion is in live food nutrition.  She believes very strongly in the use of natural foods, medicinal herbs and food based supplements/superfoods eg greens powders, nutritional oils in her protocol.   These are powerful tools, which once revealed and understood, have enormous potential in enabling the individual to achieve a unique sense of wellbeing and energy. 


In the initial session, Andrea will take a full background, health history and diet profile.  The questions will enable her to pinpoint specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies and system imbalances.  This will be thoroughly analysed and explained so that the client understands the reasons for her health concerns.  An individualized diet will then be formulated– one that best suits the client and their lifestyle. Food intake is not restricted – but the current diet is substituted for healthier food options – thus making the transition easier. When correct natural food is chosen, individual weight can be achieved without the need for counting calories.  The strategy will aim to stabilize blood sugar, correct pH balance and optimize digestion. Andrea believes that the root of all illness stems from the poor functioning of the digestive system and the subsequent building up of toxins in the body. Once these obstacles are resolved, cravings fade away, pain subsides, hormones swing back into balance, metabolism and energy levels are restored and a correct weight and optimal mental state can be reached.

Follow Ups:

A basic yet comprehensive dietary and supplemental regime will be recommended after the initial session.  The client is advised to keep a food diary as well as a log of questions, changes and symptoms that arise in the weeks following. 

A follow up session is recommended (3-4 weeks) in order to ensure that the programme is being followed correctly and is suiting the individual.  In this session, a more detailed background history will be covered and your programme will be more finely tuned.  Food tolerances and allergies will be re-examined.  Tests may be recommended. website hosting is provided by
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