What a Strange World We Live In

We are bombarded by the press and different sources of media firstly contradicting itself as to what is good for our health and secondly trying to sustain the currently lower level of general health in favour of an improved and instalment of responsibility for ones actions and state of being.

Rampant fast food advertising alongside little to no emphasis on purely organically grown unadulterated food products does little to help the situation.

The problem lies in the social and political infrastructure that exists where those monopolies with money are able to make their products known.  These products are ironically the ones mostly to be avoided.  The healthy beneficial foodstuffs need to introduction to the shopping list.  A reintroduction possibly..  The ones that companies have no financial motives to invest money in – unless of course they can process it in some way as to patent it and market it as their own.  The lack of ongoing scientific evidence for these naturally occurring products rarely occurs due to the lack of monetary funding and besides, these foods have been around for years – the benefits have been studied and have always been available to all those who are interested in accessing it.

Currently the raw food movement seems to be slowly catching on in the ‘developed’ and ‘industrialised’ world of London.

My question is : Why does it boil down to ‘trends’ in the market place that make people realise that uncooked unprocessed unadulterated foods such as ripe papaya, raw brocolli and fresh avocado salads are far superior to salty fried sugared or refined floured foods?

It shudders me to think that people have become so detatched from themselves that they cannot decipher this simple truth until the media catches on and it becomes another fashion statement.

I am curious and somehow loathed to observe how the food industry will react to this unprofitworthy shift.  Will it be put down to yet another diet with its host of potential dangers to health in the longer term; or will it transform this basic ideaology into one that results in a greater profit margin for themselves?
The best advice I have for those who require it is to remain detatched from this whole world of conveniences and figure out the correct messages for themselves within this chaotic and confusing society and mentality.


Footnote : In many parts of the world tobacco advertising and even sponsorship of sporting events has been outlawed. The ban on tobacco advertising and sponsorship in the EU in 2005 has prompted Formula One Management to look for races in areas that allow the tobacco sponsored teams to display their livery. As of 2007, only Ferrari retains tobacco sponsorship, continuing their relationship with Marlboro until 2011.