15th March 2006

ADDICTIONS. by Andrea Jenkins

Coffee - Andrea Jenkins COFFEE

Coffee is an alkaloid – ie a bitter organic compound derived from plant bearing seed.  As is aspirin, cannabis, cocaine, morphine, nicotine.  Ecstasy contains alkaloids sassafras and nutmeg as its active ingredient.  Alkaloids provide the heating quality in hot peppers.

When alkaloids are introduced into a body with an acidic biochemistry, they neutralise acid and eliminate acid-induced pain.  Alkaloids create a high for a time as acids are neutralised and the blood is alkalised.  The alkalising of the blood tunes one into the human body’s natural frequency and insights begin to be drawn in from infinite intelligence – that is until the body’s acid biochemistry begins reasserting itself mostly through the desire for acid-forming foods which ‘acid-up’ the blood and diminish the alkaloid high.  The insights diminish as one is tuned into the static.

The typical body, acidified by a cooked animal-food diet, is actually alkalised or balanced by the alkaloids of these substances and achieves glimpses of higher consciousness.

One can alkalise the body naturally by drinking fresh green vegetable juice in the morning instead of coffee.  This will stimulate an excellent bowel movement and give the body the alkaloid stimulation it desires – thus overcoming coffee addictions.

By eating more green leafy vegetables (esp wild herbs) one will alkalize the body chemistry and be able to tap into the natural human frequency more easily and more often without drugs/side effects.  Placing green leaves in an acid body raises the consciousness as the body becomes more alkaline.

Green leaves soothe the nerves and calm the body.  Those with chronic back and muscle pains should be sure to eat plenty of green leafy vegetables to relieve pain.

Sugar - Andrea Jenkins SUGAR

Refined and processed sugas are drugs which overstimulate the endocrine system. A diet heavy in hybridized sweet fruit has same effect eg seedless grapes – and can lead to constipation especially if the individual is not highy active.

Because excess sugar spills off into the urine, excessive urination can occur when the sugar is not being immediately utilized.  Excessive urination leads to dehydration and a potassium overdose.
Too much sugar in the blood calls forth alkalising minerals such as calcium from the bones and tissues to buffer the acidifying effects of too much sugar.  These minerals are lost with the sugar. 

This condition is reversible through regular exercise – decreasing intake sugary fruits and by adding dark green leafy vegetables raw to diet  eg juices.  |High sodium foods eg kale celery and cucumber juice rehydrate the body by adding sodium to counterbalance a potassium overdose.

When it first appeared in Africa and Yemen, coffee was commonly used as a type of religious intoxicant.

Black Coffee - Film

Black Coffee is a documentary examining the complicated history of coffee and detailing its political, social and economic influence from the past to the present day.

Coffee is the second most traded legal commodity in the world, surpassed by oil. However, only one cent of the price of a $2 cup of coffee goes to the grower.This inequality has helped shape the history of continents and the Cold War.

Tagline: "A glimpse into the dark side of the brew."